Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Dear Ndugu: Sorry to hear about losing your arms. Maybe this image of my new engagement ring will cheer you up!

Every month, one or two of my female Facebook friends become engaged. And because a visible change of relationship status on the lucky lady's profile isn't exciting enough - said woman takes it upon herself to post digital shots of her left hand, now complete with a sparkling (and financially crippling) blood diamond. Sure some kid in Africa probably lost a limb or two for that rock, but hey, you're American - and ENGAGED!

I wouldn't necessarily care if NewsFeed didn't force the photos upon me when I sign in, even if I adjust the settings (and oh, how I've tried). It's fascinating how a private moment between two adults can turn into a public spectacle of "Look! Congratulate Me!" so quickly.

Ten years from now, if I think my life is going to be short enough to promise the rest of it to someone else, MAYBE I'll get engaged. By that time, my husband-to-be and I should be able to broadcast the ceremony live via Facebook so that we can force our "sorta friends" and "distant acquaintances" to share in our utterly nauseating joy.

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