Monday, May 25, 2009

Milestones & Facts: A Mostly Pointless Post

Milestones for the Week

1. Filing for Unemployment: It's SO easy. All you need is an "I got fired" story and the Internet.

2. Signing up for Netflix (immediately after filing for unemployment): If my mailbox isn't holding Swimming With Sharks and Religulous by tomorrow afternoon, I'm going to be one cranky bitch.

3. Gladiator sandals: I now own a pair. Haven't committed a fashion-forward act like this since acquiring a "purse backpack" in 1994. It wasn't even the one all the cool girls had, but no surprises there, eh?


1. I have kneed myself in the face. On more than one occasion.

2. Older women try to stave off the scent of impending death with heavy perfume. This is not okay if said woman likes to leave her condominium.

3. I couldn't walk in a straight line after twenty minutes inside Pier One Imports today. If I die in my sleep tonight, somebody PLEASE investigate their candle/potpourri department. Then hook my mom up with a sweet monetary settlement.

I'll end this post with a photo of my new favorite store, because it makes me smile. And it's the ONLY place I go for all my bead and Jew needs.

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iambaffled said...

The first time Taylor visited me in Oklahoma over one of our college christmas breaks we went out for lunch. The kid is from a small (est pop 30,000) people in North Carolina...and we show up to the fast food eatery and he reads the sign " hick-Fil-A"
North Carolina 1 Oklahoma 0