Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Today's Lunch Menu: Chocolate Brownies and Jack McCoy

Just in case the title of this weekday post is unclear, I should make the following announcement:


That's right, kids! After 50+ hours a week for more than five months, and not a single sick day to date, I'm back to considering my alternatives - or, in other words - constant fantasizing. Today I have already considered starting a beaded jewelry business, donating my eggs to the less-fertile, and becoming a drug dealer -- none of which I actually intend to do.

Instead I'll do my laundry while cursing the TNT gods for programming two hours of CHARMED right in the middle of my job-less fucking day, rendering this post title only half-true.

Screw it. I'll have my brownies while staring at this:

You're flirting with me, aren't you, Sam Waterston? And how can I resist when that jacket is so casually draped across your shoulder?


erinsayscheese said...

what happened with the job? i do the same sort of staring and fantasizing with Hugh Laurie. Sigh...

Grace said...

BTW, If I was in LA, I would be on the couch next to you. There WOULD be wine, though, right?

iambaffled said...

welcome to the club!

TJ said...

There's one sure way to never lose another job - start your own and work for yourself. Eh, now . . . making a living at it may be a different matter.