Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Target in Van Nuys on a Saturday night

I love this guy.  This evening he power-walked around Target for about fifteen minutes with the loudest fucking wind chimes known to man.  Audible from any spot in the store.

He wasn't there to browse.  He wasn't there to shop.  He was there to walk around with cacophonous fucking wind chimes (and I'm pretty sure he brought his own).  Dude circled the second floor before heading down to cover the first level.  He was genuinely dedicated to pissing off everyone in the store. 

Will you look at the smile on this guy?  I've never been that happy to be at Target.

Babies and Bullet Holes in Sherman Oaks

I guess it is possible to have a baby and a sense of humor.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

The Power of Positive Thinking: There's no glass ceiling when there's no ceiling at all.

He's back and he's still got better work ethic than me.

Douchebag Alert

Fun times at the Sherman Oaks Westfield Mall today.  Driving through the parking lot I stopped to let a young guy with an elderly man in an electric wheelchair cross.  It wasn't a crosswalk, but who could possibly have a problem with stopping for an old man in a wheelchair?  Apparently the guys in the BMW who pulled up behind me.  The driver blasted his horn before hitting the gas and screeching around me, the guy and the man in the wheelchair not even out of the street.  I screamed out my window, "There's a guy in a wheelchair, you prick!"  He saw them crossing, flicked me off and yelled, "Fucking bitch!" before speeding off.

Then I parked next to a douchebag (see photo above).