Thursday, August 20, 2009

Too Casual An Encounter

Why people don't think things through before trying to do something like find a sex partner online is something that continues to mystify me. Recently I created a Gmail account for the purpose of responding to Craigslist posts I find obnoxious, illiterate or an insult to humanity in general. A plethora of penis photos can be found in the M-4-W Craigslist Casual Encounter section, but unfortunately not every naked man with a digital camera knows the aesthetics involved in creating an image of his genitalia that doesn't traumatize the heterosexual female eye. One particular "gentleman" did not consult his Penile Photography manual before posting his proud pics, so I sent him a brief email:

Dear Sir,

Regarding your recent Craigslist submission to the M-4-W Casual Encounter section:

Even if you had a phenomenally attractive penis (and you, sir, do not), there is nothing appealing about a cock shot with a toilet seat in the background. These are things that women think about. And probably why no one is 'hitting you up' on Yahoo.

Best of luck in your search for some strange,


You can call me mean, but you didn't suffer exposure to those images. Besides, I'm menstruating (and therefore unstoppable). So there...