Thursday, June 26, 2008

Trash Receptacles: Helpful Repository or Useless Commodity?

The Garbage Can. Useful for things like trash and... trash. But my roommate Jack would have you believe otherwise. You see, Jack prefers not to bother his garbage can when it's nice and empty. In fact, Jack likes to display his garbage around the house for others to admire.

Oh look, Jack finished that bag of miniature Butterfingers! How do I know? Because the wrappers were decorating the living room floor. Hey, there's an empty Pop Tart box and a wrapper lying next to it on the kitchen counter. Jack must have had a late night snack and left it for me as a surprise!

Put dirty dishes in the dishwasher? Ha! Who needs a dishwasher when there's a coffee table on which you can leave everything? Check out the pictures below. I call it "Jack Shui." Like Feng Shui, but with less Feng and more Jack.

If you look closely, you can almost make out Jack's dirty sock collection underneath the coffee table here.

Cherry Pop Tart anyone? Oh, I'm sorry - these are EMPTY.

The only thing this Dr. Pepper box contains is air. Help yourself!

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